Q: How do I pay for items that I claimed during your Instagram sale?

  A: Please message us on Instagram (@brookescustoms) with your email address and we will get an invoice out to you via Paypal; you do not need a Paypal account in order to pay the invoice, this is just the platform that we use to send the invoice.

Q: How do I participate in your Instagram sales? How do they work?

  A: Our Instagram sales work like this: Every Wednesday and Saturday at 12pm or 5pm Pacific Time (check our bio on Instagram and watch for updated posts on what the times will be that week), we begin posting pics/videos of stones that are for sales one at a time directly on our Instagram page (@brookescustoms). In the caption of each post you will find what the material is, the price, measurements and any additional information about the item such as treatments (if it is stabilized, natural, heated, etc.). The item will go to the first person who comments on the post with "me," "mine," or "sold," for example. If the post has multiple stones and the stones have numbers next to them in the picture, it will go to whoever comments with the numbers they want, first. 

Q: How do I order a custom stone or piece of jewelry?

  A: Please message us on Instagram (@brookescustoms) with your request and we will let you know if we are currently accepting any new customs for stones. We are not currently making jewelry, but we do have a page on our website called "Artists" where you can find a list of amazing jewelers who are accepting customs and may be able to help you create what you're looking for. We can send any stones that you claim, directly to any jeweler of your choosing. 

Q: How much are shipping costs?

  A: Shipping on our website is $6 for US orders, $14 for Canada and $18 International. We are no longer shipping to Mexico. 

Q: When is your next shop update?

  A: Please check our home page for a message at the top of the page that will state what date and time our next shop update is. You can also follow us on Instagram (@brookescustoms) as we post daily and will announce our updates there as well. 

Q: Why is your name "Brooke's Customs" if you're not taking any new customs?

  A: LOL...Well, when I came up with the name, I had been doing all custom orders with a sprinkle of freestyle pieces. As time went on I began to enjoy freestyle pieces more and eventually I didn't have enough time to get custom work done in a timely manner. We do still take customs, just not all the time.

Q: Are your stones natural or stabilized? Backed or unbacked?

  A: All of our listings will state whether or not the stones we're selling are natural, stabilized, J Zachery treated, backed for stability, unbacked, etc. 

Q: When you have more material that looks like 'this' can you please let me know?

  A: I have many people message me on Instagram with a picture of a stone or rough material and I've been asked to notify them when I have more of that stone/material. I apologize, but because of the volume of people asking this, it's not possible for me to get back to all of you. You will have to wait until we list something similar or place a custom order with us when we are accepting custom work. 

Q: Do you accept art trades?

  A: No.

Q: Do you take payment plans?

  A: Only on larger orders outside of our website listings and Instagram sales. Please message us through Instagram for further details.

Q: How long does it take for a purchased item to be shipped?

  A: We ship items out every Monday or Tuesday morning . So, if you pay for items you've claimed by early Sunday morning, it will go out that Monday or Tuesday. Anything paid for later than Sunday morning will most likely not go out until the following week.

Q: What shipping methods do you use?

  A: We use USPS First Class. We insure packages that are over $200, within the US only, at no additional cost to you. We can upgrade your shipping to USPS Priority or Priority Express if you need your items sooner, but you would need to pay additional costs for this method. 

Q: How come I got a box with my stones and not a display case like I see you posting on Instagram?

  A: I only use display cases for orders that are too large to fit safely into the box I usually ship them in. 

Q: Do you accept returns, refunds or exchanges?

  A: Once you are on the checkout page, please refer to "Policies," "terms and  conditions," etc. at the very bottom of that page. You will find all of the  information there.

**If there are any questions you have that I did not cover, please feel free to message us on Instagram (@brookescustoms) and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience. Thank you.**