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Q: How do I order a custom stone or piece of jewelry?

  A: There will be a message on our Home Page underneath the "Handcrafted with love" text, stating if we are currently accepting custom orders. If we are accepting custom orders, please go to our "Contact Us" page and send us a message with as many details as possible for what you're looking to have done. You can also follow us on Instagram (@brookescustoms)  as we will post directly on our feed letting everyone know when we are accepting new customs.

Q: How much are shipping costs?

  A: Shipping is $6 world-wide.

Q: When is your next shop update?

  A: Please check our home page for a message at the top of the page that will state what date and time our next shop update is. If there is no date/time, then it has not yet been determined, so please check back with us in the following days. You can also follow us on Instagram (@brookescustoms) as we post daily and will announce our updates there as well. 

Q: Why is your name "Brooke's Customs" if you're not taking any new customs?

  A: LOL...Well, when I came up with the name, I had been doing all custom orders with a sprinkle of freestyle pieces. As time went on I began to enjoy freestyle pieces more and eventually I didn't have enough time to get custom work done in a timely manner. We do still take customs, just not all the time. We only accept them during specific windows which we will announce on Instagram and our home page. Sorry for any confusion our name may have caused. 

Q: Are your stones natural or stabilized? Backed or unbacked?

  A: All of our listings will state whether or not the stones we're selling are natural, stabilized, J Zachery treated, backed for stability, unbacked, cut by us or being de-stashed, etc. 

Q: When you have more material that looks like 'this' can you please let me know?

  A: I have many people message me on Instagram with a picture of a stone or rough material and I've been asked to notify them when i have more of  that stone/material. I apologize, but because of the volume of people asking this, it's not possible for me to get back to all of you. You will have to wait until we list something similar or place a custom order with us when we are accepting custom work. 

Q: Do you accept art trades?

  A: No.

Q: Do you take payment plans?

  A: Only on larger orders. Please email for further details.

Q: How does ordering a custom work?

  A: If we are accepting customs, please message us through the "Contact Us" tab. We will begin ironing out all the details of the custom with you and once we come to an agreement, we will request a non-refundable 50% down payment in order to begin your custom order. If you would like to pay in full up front, that is more than welcomed. Otherwise, we will bill you for the remaining balance once the custom is complete. 

Q: How long does it take for a purchased item to be shipped?

  A: Shipping will take 1-5 days, unless you have asked me to hold your order so that you can build up a stash.

Q: How come I got a box with my stones and not a display case like I see you posting on Instagram?

  A: I only use display cases for orders that are too large to fit safely into the box I usually ship them in. You can also purchase a display case if you click on the "Cabochons" tab, there will be a listing for them, if they're currently in stock. If they're not in stock, check back in a few days and there should be more.

Q: Do you accept returns, refunds or exchanges?

  A: Once you are on the checkout page, please refer to "Policies," "terms and  conditions," etc. at the very bottom of that page. You will find all of the  information there.

**If there are any questions you have that I did not cover, please feel free to message us through the "Contact Us" tab and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience. Thank you.**