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Natural High Grade Damele Facet with Flat Back

Natural High Grade Damele Facet with Flat Back

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Natural High Grade Damele Variscite Facet with a flat back for easy bezel setting; Unbacked and has some small natural pitted areas on the back that could be filled with backing material, but we wanted to leave this one as natural as possible. The pits or uneven spots, do not pose a threat to the stability. It is merely cosmetic and if you set this piece with a bezel wire, it will not show. I wouldn't recommend prong setting it because of this. 

"unbacked" means that we did not need to use an epoxy on the back side of the stone in order to provide stability during the lapidary process. We wanted to keep this piece as natural as possible.

Weighs 4.9cts

Measures 9.1 x 11.1mm

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